ok, I wanged a girl 100% and I had a twinge of disappointment when the ultrasound had a penis in it. But my boy? He is themost wonderful little being ever, I wouldn't give him up for a whole gaggle of baby girls. And he looks exactly like me. And has my strenghts and my flaws at only one, genetics are scary. He also… » 1/22/15 4:03pm 1/22/15 4:03pm

It's also becoming a boys and girls school (as of last year? Or 2012? I can't remember, but girls were always allowed in sec. 5). Almost all the boys ended up going to Brébeuf cegep too though and they had a baaaaaaaad case of madonna/whore syndrom. This is a shining example of how to perceive women that April is… » 10/21/14 12:34pm 10/21/14 12:34pm

Hey, even if you ate nothing it would still be none of their business. Comment on their body and what they eat every time soneone does that to you. or just tell them straight up to stop treating you like an oven, the jerks. And I had a baby bird baby (born at 37 weeks). He's perfectly fine and good and grown 8 months… » 9/17/14 5:18pm 9/17/14 5:18pm